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ECOGEL WC 2 IN 1 (descaling and biological*) is a scented gel that cleans and descales your toilets thanks to its over-active agents. Its biological* action improves the functioning of pipes and septic tanks: It regulates the level of sludge in the tank by providing non-pathogenic bacteria. This contribution improves the functioning of the pit between 2 treatments with a biological activator. Result: a clean toilet and a pit without odor and without clogging.

* This product or its components are not from organic farming. The term "biological" refers to microbiological organisms.

• Open the cap by pressing the non-ridged parts.
• Apply the product to the walls and under the rims of the toilet bowl.
• Leave on for 20 min, brush and rinse while flushing.
• In the event of heavy deposits, leave to act overnight then rinse well.

• Cleanses, protects, restores whiteness and radiance.
• Its gel formula adheres to vertical walls.
• Also maintains pipes and septic tanks and leaves a pleasant scent.

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