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House exterior cleaner - green deposits removal

  • Enzyme-based formula

  • Cleaning and treatment of exterior surfaces in natural stone (blue or white stone, marble, travertine, etc.) and walls, roofs, garden furniture, photovoltaic and signalling panels, etc.

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  • Works quickly and without rubbing on all types of exterior deposits.

  • Safe for materials such as: bricks, concrete, natural and reconstituted stones, plaster, tiles, slates, wood, plastics and synthetic materials.

  • Safe for zinc and metallic materials

  • Neutral formulation. Does not contain acid or hypochlorite.

  • Remove easily detachable debris from the surface to be treated.

  • Do not apply when it is raining.

  • Dilute according to the amount of dirt (see dilution)

  • Apply evenly and abundantly using a low pressure sprayer.

  • Leave to act for 1 to 3 days depending on the condition of the surface.

  • If necessary, a light brushing can eliminate the last residues.

  • If the surface must be painted after treatment, rinse thoroughly with clear water before application

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