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​Mixture of non pathogenic bacteria and specific enzymes that ensure an optimal operation of the septic tank.

​Its regular use reduces the volume of sludge and limits the expensive and pollutant draining to contribute to the preservation of environment. Resists and acts against the negative impact of antibiotics, acids, bleaching agent and caustic soda.

Septivator-Box-and-Sachet compressed.jpeg


  • Liquefies the paper and organic matter discharged by your home.

  • Enables costly and polluting emptying to be limited

  • Prevents clogging and odours: maintains the septic tank’s balance, in particular in the event of frequent use of chemical products such as WC gels and chemical drain clearing liquids.


  • For septic tanks, wastewater tanks, grease tanks, sumps.
    Containing non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes.

  • Resists antibiotics, acids, bleach and soda.

  • Frequency of use: 1 sachet per week (1 box of 18 sachets = 4 months of maintenance), for 1 family of maximum 4 people.

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