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OdoCarb H2S 25-70

H2S adsorption solutions on impregnated or doped media for high performance H2S filtration

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Product detail

OdoCarb H2S 25

OdoCarb H2S 25 is an adsorbent media impregnated on the basis of activated carbon, in the form of pellets of Ø 4 mm.
Potassium hydroxide impregnation gives OdoCarb H
2S 25 media exceptional properties in terms of adsorption (chemisorption) of acid gases including hydrogen sulfide and light mercaptans.


  • 25 % minimum H2S charge rate

  • Media particularly suitable for use in the control of H2S and the efficient reduction of odors in the field of sanitation (outlets, lifting station, pumping station, suction cups) and treatment plants.

  • It can also be applied in the food or petrochemical industry, due to its high acid gas adsorption capacity including H2S and SO2.

  • It also intervenes in finishing other H2S treatment or odors, insufficiently efficient.

OdoCarb H2S 70

OdoCarb H2S 70 uses the combination of a base consisting of a specific mixture of inorganic phases and an activated carbon of vegetable origin. The catalytic type reaction makes it possible to achieve one of the highest adsorption rates on the market, up to 70% by weight of adsorbed H2S media if all the conditions are met (humidity, residence time and oxygen level ).


  • 65-70 % minimum H2S charge rate

  • Very limited pressure drop due to the size of the pellets (4 mm). Effective even with variable and high incoming concentrations.

  • Unlike impregnated carbons, the adsorption capacity of OdoCarb H2S 70 is not altered even in the presence of high concentrations of CO2.

  • It requires very little renewal of the load, resulting in significant time savings and operating costs.

  • The high ignition temperature (420°C) greatly reduces the risk of bed fires.

  • Media particularly suitable for use in the fight against H2S and in particular for high H2S concentrations (over a few hundred ppm) in the field of methanisation.

Comparison Classic activated carbon with 20% adsorption rate vs. OdoCarb 70

30-50% cheaper with OdoCarb!

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