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Practical, 14 ° ECOCERT certified, Sargo's white vinegar is supplied in a 750ml spray bottle or 5L can.

Do not be afraid to use concentrated White Vinegar without moderation, it is colorless and its odor evaporates quickly. It’s a staple in household maintenance, it’s a great way to clean everything.


  • Anti-limescale (kettles, gaskets, carafes, taps, sinks, coffee makers, pots, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher)

  • It softens the water and softens the laundry when washing.

  • It detaches textiles and removes traces of coffee, grass, wine.

  • It makes dishes shine

  • It deodorizes (toilets, garbage cans)

  • It cleans windows, mirrors, copper, tiles, silverware, baby toys.


In a spray bottle, pour 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 hot water. Mix and spray on the surfaces to be descaled. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse.


TIP: You can also reproduce the same mixture to directly soak the accessories of your bathroom to be descaled. Leave on for a few hours and rinse.

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