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Hydrodor XC is an anti-odor agent in the form of an aqueous solution of surfactants, fragrances and other odor neutralizing ingredients that prevent and hinder the formation of bad smell compounds due to biological degradation. One of the main applications is foreseen in air dispersion, e.g. as osmogenic barrier or for street cleaning trucks.

Hydrodor XC is however NOT a masking agent: it does contain a neutralizing agent (Enviro-Chem Cx) that removes generated smells


  • Neutralization of smells generated in waste water treatment plants, dewatering sludge treatment, containers, waste bins and waste materials, etc.

  • Osmogenic barriers to limit/hinder smell diffusion, a system typically used in landfills and waste processing plants.

  • Road and surface sweeping and cleaning.

  • Food industry, diaries, poultry industry, slaughterhouses, animal manures.

Sargo Hydrodor XC H2S neutralization on leachate
Sargo Hydrodor XC for odor neutralization by nebulization
Sargo Hydrodor XC odor neutralization on Transfer Stations


Hydrodor XC can be used as is or in diluted form. The dosage varies according to the type of smell source, its intensity and the given level of smell perception.Further indications of the appropriate dosage/dilution can be obtained through a simplified panel test in a smell-free test environment.A defined amount of smell sample is treated with Hydrodor XC until a clear identified, pleasant, honey/almond scent is perceived. When this scent becomes consistently perceivable, it can indicate the right dosage ratio.


Hydrodor XC is used in a nebulized way with adequate spraying equipment. For instance, it is used from a 0.5% concentration (1 liter of Hydrodor XC in 200 liters of water) to 2% concentration (1 liter of Hydrodor XC in 50 liters of water).

  • SOLID WASTES: Hydrodor XC should be used nebulized in the air in order to cover all odors in the direction (s) causing the troubles. The Hydrodor XC spray should create the most hermetic possible olfactory/osmogenic barrier.

  • TRANSFER STATION – CLOSE BUILDING: We shall use Hydrodor XC outside of the building, in order to prevent odors to come out, for instance, using a nebulization curtain above the doors, when they open. If the building is equipped with exhaust fans, one can nebulize Hydrodor XC in front of the fan (inside the building) so that the air going out is mixed with the product in the flow of air going trough the fan.

  • SLUDGE BEDS FROM WASTE WATER TREATMENT: When the sludges are dried in a drying bed, a solution would be to create an olfactory barrier by nebulizing Hydrodor XC around the sludge beds, in a similar way than for solid wastes.

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