BIOTIC-NET INTERIOR is a concentrated PROBIOTIC SURFACE CLEANER, suitable for the maintenance of all modern water resistant surfaces. BIOTIC-NET INTERIOR cleans deeply and lasts longer than conventional universal cleaners. BIOTIC-NET INTERIOR is powerful, efficient and ensures optimal hygiene.


BIOTIC-NET is a concentrated product, which is used at a concentration of 0.5% (only 40 ml in an 8L bucket)



  • Easily biodegradable
  • Neutral pH
  • Safe for all water resistant surfaces, leaves no haze or streaks
  • Fresh and pleasant scent
  • Contains several specific bacterial strains forming enzymes that break down organic dirt



  • Exceptional deep cleaning
  • Eliminates odors from organic soiling
  • Beneficial probiotics replace pathogenic bacteria for better hygiene
  • Participate in the proper functioning of the wastewater evacuation system


BIOTIC-NET INTERIOR can also be used as a spray with a 4% dilution (20 ml in 500 ml of water)



BIOTIC-NET INTERIOR - pro-biotic cleaner

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