OILGON GO is a degreaser product extremely powerful, aimed at cleaning and degreasing of oven, furnaces and particularly dirty cooking plates. OILGON GO decomposes and removes burned surfaces on cooking plates, barbecues and grills.

OILGON GO is intended for large-scale, heavy-duty cleanups, recommended for the following applications:
•    Industrial oven and furnaces from the food industry, professional kitchen from hotels, restaurants and collectivities 
•    Cooking plates with burned waste
•    Barbecue and Grills

OILGON GO is safe and effective on almost any material, including stone and masonry, metals, plastics

OILGON GO is safe for the environment. OILGON GO is water-soluble, so it is a snap to clean up. In breaking down the molecular structure of grease and oil, it produces a dilute, non-toxic and readily biodegradable solution that can be rinsed away with plain water and disposed of, leaving no residues. OILGON GO has no volatile vapors and virtually no odor. Since it has no flash point and is non-combustible, it is perfect for enclosed area applications, so safe storage is never a problem. Besides, OILGON GO has no phosphates, chlorinated solvents, butyl or halogens. 
Burned Fat/Grease/Waste (oven, furnace, grill, barbecue) 

OILGON GO degreasers can be used in the kitchen as long as you follow the instructions in the safety sheet and the regulations in force (thorough rinsing of surfaces before use for foodstuffs). Take the usual precautions for the use of the product (gloves ...)

  • Burned Fat/Grease/Waste (oven, furnace, grill, barbecue:

Use product pure or at maximum with 50% concentration (1 part of product for 1 part of water)

  • All greasy surfaces: 

Use diluted product at 10% concentration (1 part of product for 9 parts of water)

Oilgon GO Grill & Oven 5L

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