Enviro-Chem AG is an anti-odors agent available as a liquid solution, acting by neutralization of doors coming from the organically decomposition of solid and liquid waste. It has both neutralizing effect (removal of existing odours) and preventive effect (biomass stabilization, preventing the formation of new doors).

At the opposite of the masking agents, which are replacing an odor by another one, Enviro-Chem AG, works chemically on the sold and liquid waste. The product inhibits the proteins and sulphides decomposition reactions that prevent the creation of doors. The reduction of these volatile emissions is achieved by sequestering the odorous volatile molecules, thereby allowing the acid/base reactions, amines and peptide cross-linking, and chelation reactions to occur. This leads to the formation of larger molecules that resist rapid biological breakdown. The process therefore blocks amines, hydrogen sulphides and mercaptan odors.

In the application of Enviro-Chem AG, the most important success factor is the intimate mixing with liquids. Because of the fact hat the product acts by blocking chemical reactions of molecules in presence in the entire volume of wastes, it is essential to have a contact with the totality of the mass of liquid to treat.

The dosage of the product is dictated by the nature of the waste to de-odorize, but generally we use the rule:

  • ANIMAL MANURE  (swines, chickens, etc....) : Try to assess the amount of dry material. Add 1 liter of product per METRIC TON of dry matter assessed, pre-diluted. MIX WELL. Add more product as new manure is produced.
  • SEPTIC TANKS: Assess the total volume of wastes present in the tank. Consider the dry material to be half that volume. Add a minimum of 2 liters of ENVIRO-CHEM AG, but never less than 2 liters per metric ton, via a toilet. Flush at least 5 times.

The product can not be in contact with live animals!

Enviro-Chem AG anti-odor for sceptic tanks and garbage 20L

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