OILGON is an extremely effective, heavy duty degreaser and cleaning agent, fully biodegradable, that works equally well on vegetable, animal or mineral oils, fats, sooty deposits, inks and carbon black.

It actually breaks down the molecular structure of any oil, grease or fat, destroying the binding agents that are the heart of most stubborn cleanup problems. It also emulsifies carbon black and soot.

OILGON is safe for the environment, for the personnel and the operational facilities as well. OILGON is water-soluble, so it is a snap to clean up. In breaking down the molecular structure of grease and oil, it produces a dilute, non-toxic and readily biodegradable solution that can be rinsed away with plain water and disposed of, leaving no residues. OILGON has no volatile vapors and virtually no odour. Since is has no flash point and is non-combustible, it is perfect for enclosed area applications, so safe storage is never a problem. Besides, OILGON has no phosphates, chlorinated solvents, butyl or halogens. 

OILGON degreasers can be used in the kitchen as long as you follow the instructions in the safety sheet and the regulations in force (thorough rinsing of surfaces before use for foodstuffs). Take the usual precautions for the use of the product (gloves ...)

  • HEAVY DUTY  - 1 part of OILGON to 4 parts water (20% solution): 

Bilges, exhaust stacks, rubber clothing, blood and organic stains, waterline scum, vinyl decks, teakwood, carpeting, air conditioning filters, PVC, fiberglass, odourless automotive paint preparation, cleaning of pieces and printing machinery, hoods (convertible) and car seats, plastic toys… Decks, platforms, engine rooms, oil-stained concrete, degas tanks and barge compartments, carbon (carbon black and soot), petroleum-based drilling muds, heat exchangers, floors (restaurants, garages, food industry…), elimination of marine pollution, decontamination of clothes in nuclear plants, ventilating hoods…

  • EXTRA HEAVY DUTY - 1 part of OILGON to 1 parts water (50% solution):

     Cooked heavy fuel in boilers, tanks, grease traps, carbon on motors…

  • STEAM CLEANING AND PRESSURE WASHING - 1 part of OILGON to 4 - 20 parts water 

Steam cleaning and hot or cold pressure wash. A pre-mixed solution of 20 to 1 can be drawn from an auxiliary tube, giving up to a 200 to 1 solution at the nozzle. Temperatures of 50 – 60 °C will proof sufficient for most purposes.

Oilgon Universal Degreaser 5L

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